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ANA Group In-flight Magazine ” TSUBASA no OKOKU ” Renewal


We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued patronage of ANA group operations.


In the ANA Group in-flight magazines” TSUBASA no OKOKU” and “TSUBASA GLOBAL WINGS”, we will renew and digitize the magazine (provided on the ANA app and ANA SKY WEB) from the April 2021 issue.
Due to the renewal, there is also a change in the advertising fee for the April to September 2021 issue as follows.
For more information, please confirm below:



1. Renewal Overview

・ANA Group in-flight magazines ” TSUBASA no OKOKU” and “TSUBASA GLOBAL WINGS” booklet size and paper volume will be renewed.

・Digital versions are available on the ANA app and ANA SKY WEB. Anyone can download and view it from their digital device, a time or anywhere.

・ We changed the design layout to be easy to read even on the smartphone screen, and the content has been changed so that a wider range of customers can enjoy it.

・ As with conventional paper booklets, we offer it in three languages: Japanese, English, and Chinese.

・We plan to develop it in a digital version with a paper booklet.

・Changed some ANA group inflight magazine AD spaces and fees.


2. Renewal period

Since April 2021 issue


3. Booklet size and paper weight change

[Before the change]

Booklet size: A4 deformation

Amount of paper: : coat 57.8g/m²

[After the change]

Booklet size: A5

Amount of paper: : S51.2g/ sqm


4. Partial changes of  AD spaces and fees  

・ Month of publication: April to September 2021 issue

・ AD Space list


Inside front cover spread

Body 1 page

Body spread

Body 1/2 page horizontal


Inside front cover spread

Body 1 page

・ Please contact us for the price of each.


5. Others

We plan to change the price including the digital version around April 2021, so we will guide you as soon as the details are decided.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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